12 x 12" Designer Paper - ALEXANDRA RENKE - yellow butterflys - 10.881x


This listing is for the decorative cover page that goes on your Travelers Notebook insert. Please make sure to purchase this item as well as an insert. If you purchase more then one insert I will apply the covers to the insert in the order that you have purchased them. For example add one cover to your cart then purchase the insert you would like that cover to apply to. Alternatively you can purchase the insert first then purchase the cover immediately after. Then move on to add your next insert and cover. Alternatively you can purchase all your inserts first, then in the order that you want your cover to be applied purchase all your covers.

If you purchase your inserts out of order the cover will be applied to the insert at random. 

IF YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM WITHOUT ANY INSERTS YOU WILL RECEIVE THE 12 X 12" PATTERNED PAPER, which can be used to make your own inserts or dividers or in a mixed media or scrapbook layout.