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Travelers Notebook Insert Size Guide and Handmade Insert variations

It is important to note that all inserts made by hand may have a slight variation in size. This applies to both Travelers notebook inserts and Ring Bound Planner.

This especially applies to the holes made for ring bound inserts. These holes are made with a standard Planner punch which punches two to three pages at a time. Whilst all care is taken to ensure these holes line up as close as possible they will never be perfect. And sometimes your inserts will not be perfectly aligned once placed inside your planner. The only way to make these holes perfect is if the business has a hole drill press which punches the holes for the rings through all the pages in one action. This is how they are made by large manufacturers as they have the equipment to do this. I do not own a hole drill press so please keep this in mind. If you are concerned about this please order the insert unpunched and you can punch your own.  

Ringbound inserts should be cut all the same size, I use a commercial grade quillotine that cuts through a ream at a time, sometimes in the guillotine they can move slightly, so there should be no more then 1mm variance. The cuts should be straight and not cut through any of the printed material. I check each insert after I have made it and redo any faulty ones before I send them to you to get them as close to perfect as possible. 

Travelers Notebook inserts are cut in the commercial guillotine as well and the edges are sanded. All pages should be perfectly even. Where the variance may occur is in No 6 or larger but this variance should be less then 1mm. The other variance can be if you align two separate inserts made by me. It is quite normal for a slight variance as each book has been individually cut but there should not be any more variance than 1mm.

Size changes between brands. Sizes can vary depending on brand and manufacturer. So a standard size Prima insert might be slightly different to a Websters Pages. Or they might be slightly different again to mine. Large Manufacturers make their inserts to suit their Travelers Notebook. They do not necessarily make it sized to some industry standard. There is no industry standard as such. Most Small business Insert makers myself included, use common sizes such as those released by Foxy Fix or Chic Sparrow or other popular brands of Travelers Notebooks. 

If you are not sure what size you need, please check my size chart. If you receive an insert that you are not happy with, please take a photo of the issue and email it to me. Once I determine there is in fact a fault I will either replace the insert or refund you.