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Travelers Notebook Insert Loyalty Program

New Insert Loyalty Program. I am always trying to improve the customer service I provide. I offer my regular loyalty program through my website where you build points as you shop and can then select a reward. But now there is a second loyalty program that I have introduced starting Today for all Insert orders placed.

When you purchase an insert I will send you an insert loyalty card. And it will be ticked for each insert purchased in that order. Next time you receive an insert tick another box on your card for each insert you ordered in that second order. Then keep going till your card is full. If you have filled your card in one order, as some of you will, you will receive cards with all the boxes ticked. 

Important: This program is for the inserts I make only. It does not count if you buy Premade inserts from Prima or Webster’s Pages. It is only the inserts made by The Travelers Notebook(me) that count towards the program. And any free inserts I send you as a giveaway don’t count. Budget Inserts do not count as they are already discounted.

Once your card is filled (I will keep track too) You can redeem your card. For each filled card you receive one free insert and cover-page of your choice in your next order. When it’s time for your next order, order the insert and cover page you want along with the other items you wish to order. You will be charged at the time of your order for the cover page and insert. After your order is placed take a Photo of your loyalty card and FB Private Message it to me or email it to me straight away. I will then know you are redeeeming your filled card and will refund your insert and cover page for you.

Lastly. Although I will keep track on my end. It is up to you to keep your card ticked with each order. And it is up to you to let me know your redeeming a full card. If you fill a card on one order. You can’t redeem it on that order, so I will send you a full card and you redeem it next time.

I hope you enjoy this new program. Don’t forget if you have any suggestions for inserts you want that I don’t currently offer let me know and I can consider adding them to my regular inserts for you.